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            Detect & identify biomolecules -                                                           
                          Advance the education & training of 'omics' sciences for high schools

From the laboratory of Dr. Sixue Chen at the University of Florida        






Our Crew Members










Students & Professionals




Dr. Biswa Misra – Postdoctoral Associate



Dr. Mi-Jeong Yoo - Postdoctoral Associate



Tong Zhang pic

Tong Zhang- Ph.D. Graduate Student

Joe Collins1

Joe Collins- Ph.D. Graduate Student




DSC05801-Sisi GENG

Sisi Geng - Ph.D. Graduate Student



Kelly Balmant - Ph.D. Graduate Student



DSC08221-chen lab

Zepeng Yin - Ph.D. Graduate Student


Sheldon Lawrence – Ph.D. Graduate Student




Dogukan Acikgoz- HHMI Undergraduate Student

Ning Zhu - Biological Scientist and Lab Manager




Leo Zhu- HHMI Undergraduate Student



Natasha Philips- Undergraduate Student



Dr. Bing Yu- Visiting Scholar

Islam Mostafa Abdo Bayom- Visiting Scholar

Juan M. Gonzales – Undergraduate Student

VITRELL SHERIF November 2014

Vitrell L. McNair Sherif – Administrative Assistant



Sixue Chen- Principal Investigator


Tianyi Ma - Ph.D. Graduate Student







Jennifer Parker2

ENGLISH is the official language in Chen lab, no other language is allowed for scientific communication in the lab. However, initiative to learn another language is encouraged.






Crew in Proteomics Facility, Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (ICBR)

Back row (left to right): Dr. Jin Koh, Dr. Cecilia Silva-Sanchez, Dr. Sixue Chen

Front row (left to right): Ms. Ran Zheng, Ms. Marjorie Chow, Dr. Jinxi Li


The mission of the ICBR Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry facility is to provide superb proteomics services to customers from University of Florida, the state. and the nation, and to train and educate faculty, staff and students in state-of-the-art proteomics technologies.

To contact Protein Biomarkers, e-mail

To contact Mass Spectrometry, e-mail







Crew Members of the Past


DSC05824 Jennifer

Jennifer Parker, Ph.D. student,           now at North Carolina State Univ.

DSC05798Wei JI

Wei Ji, Visiting Professor, now Associate Professor at Northeast Agricultural Univ.


Lihong Liu, Ph.D. student, co-advised, now at Zhejiang University

Mengmeng Zhu, Ph.D. student and Postdoc Associate, now at PennState

Sheldon Lawrence, Rotation Ph.D. graduate student

Lisa David, Lab assistant



Huizhuan Yan, Ph.D. graduate student


Jin Koh

Jin Koh, Postdoctoral Associate


Johanna Strul

Johanna M. Strul, Undergraduate student, graduated and now works at Dow AgroSciences, San Francisco



Sarah Yi, Undergraduate student, graduated and now in Med school

Michelle Foele2

Michelle Foele, Undergraduate student, graduated and now works at BP Oil Company, DC

Michelle 4

Michelle Chin, high school student from West Shore High School in Melbourne, Florida



Dr. Gang Chen, Visiting Scholar, now Professor at Yangzhou University, China


Antonio Clara Asnen Afonso Lourenco, Visiting Ph.D. student from Lisboa

yan he

Dr. Yan He, graduated with Ph.D. from Chen lab, now Professor at China Agricultural University



Dr. Qiuying Pang, graduated with Ph.D., now Assistant Professor at Northeast Forestry University, China

Dr. Shaojun Dai, Visiting Professor, now Professor at Shanghai Normal University, China 

Bing Chen

Bing Chen, Research scientist, moved to Cornell


Kwame and Justin

Kwame Gyimah and Justin Goldsmith, graduated from UF and moved on to graduate school


Khader Ghnem, graduated from Georgetown University, now works at a biotech company

Kevin Cooper

Kevin Cooper, rotation graduate student



Yihfeng Hsieh, rotation graduate student

Michelle Chin, plans to attend UF next year

Yazhou Chen

Dr. Yazhou Chen, graduated with Ph.D., now Postdoctoral Associate at John Innes Center, UK


Liqun Chen

Dr. Liqun Chen, visiting scholar
Professor at China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

Xiufeng yan

Dr. Xiufeng Yan, visiting scholar
Professor at Northeast Forestry University, China

Sophie Alvarez

Dr. Sophie Alvarez
Post Doc Biological Scientist, Manager of Proteomics at Danforth Center


Shaojun Dai

Dr. Shaojun Dai, visiting scholar
Professor at Northeast Forestry University, China

Barbara Kahn

Barbara Kahn
Rotation Graduate Student

Jennifer Sanford

Jennifer Sanford
SEAGEP Undergraduate Student

Jeanne Speichinger,
Biological Scientist, with Dr. Chen, now Ph.D. student at Washington Universtiy



Linda Abraham,
Rotation Student

Jing Gao,
Visiting MS Student



Scott farewell-IM000490


Scott McClung, Mass Spec lab manager, Proteomics Division, ICBR, now engineer at Thermo


Alfred Chung, Peptide Synthesis lab manager, Proteomics Division, ICBR, retired

Scott farewell-IM000490


Cindy Bryant, Mass Spec lab technician, Proteomics Division, ICBR




Carolyn Diaz, Mass Spec lab manager, Proteomics Division, ICBR, retired


Scott farewell-IM000490

Ning Zhu, Mass Spec lab OPS technician, Proteomics Division, ICBR, now Chen lab manager



Marjorie Chow, Biomarker lab manager, Proteomics Division, ICBR, retired


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