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Advance the education & training of 'omics' sciences for high schools

From the laboratory of Dr. Sixue Chen at the University of Florida        


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2014 Metabolomics Workshop and Symposium

(May 20 -21, 2014 in CTRB and CGRC on UF campus)

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the NIH




Dr. Jean-Luc Wolfender, our invited workshop speaker


A nice excursion to the paynes prairie preserve state park near campus


2014 Metabolomics workshop participants from many different places


Audience at the metabolomics symposium


Drs. Oliver Fiehn and Sixue Chen


Dr. Masami Hirai from RIKEN, Japan


Drs. Lloyd Sumner from the Noble Foundation and Sixue Chen




 Drs. Sally Assmann, Masami Hirai, Oliver Fiehn, and Yuji Sawada

Dr. Biswa Misra from the Chen lab presenting a poster

The new QE plus LC-MS system in Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry

Drs. Xianlin Han and Sixue Chen

Dr. Sarah M. Assmann from Pennsylvania State University

Drs. Biswa Misra and Sarah M. Assmann

NSF collaborative project annual meeting dinner




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